Custom Jewellery Calls for a Custom Experience

Your Personal Jeweller, Your Design, Your Home

At Diamond Duchess we believe that your experience in creating a piece of custom jewellery should be as memorable as what the piece of jewellery itself represents. From personalizing each private consultation to building jewellery that is a perfect match to your personal style, standards, and budget, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to our client's needs. This equation wouldn't be complete without offering our clients convenience too!

Diamond Duchess is the first of its kind to bring its design tools and expertise TO YOU! Making custom designed jewellery not only convenient but comfortable.

The True Value of Custom Jewellery

Whether it's an engagement ring, wedding band, or a special piece to mark a milestone or show how you feel, you have an emotional bond to the jewellery you wear and give. It's a unique bond that is forged by what the jewellery represents love, affection, and achievement.

When you choose to create custom jewellery, you choose to celebrate and express those emotions in a unique way, that only a design created by you, to express your unique feelings, can do. A way that reflects your personal style, quality and high standards.

We invite you to let our expert designers help you create custom-made jewellery from the comfort of your home, where you can best express yourself. Choose from top quality diamonds and gemstones, match them to a perfect setting in solid gold and precious metals, and do it all in a way that fits your budget.

Diamond Duchess collaborates with Weddingbells Magazine’s Editors on exclusive Engagement Rings!

Diamond Duchess collaborates with Weddingbells Magazine’s Editors on exclusive Engagement Rings! Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Diamond Duchess sits down with Weddingbells’ Editors to collaborate on an exclusive set of engagement rings! What type of bride are you and which is your fave? See the designs here! read more
Tips & Education

TIP: Each metal has unique properties that may or may not make it desirable for your piece of custom jewellery. Historically, gold and platinum metals have been popular choices for engagement and wedding rings.  Other types of metals were considered either too hard or too soft.  ... read more